We’re bringing the Smart Flex scheme to an end on 14 February to focus on moving our customers over to Octopus’s systems. Once you’re an Octopus customer, they’ll let you know how to join Saving Sessions, their own demand flexibility scheme.

Learn more about Saving Sessions.

What is Smart Flex? 

Smart Flex is part of the ESO Demand Flexibility Service.

Shell Energy customers with smart meters opt into the scheme and are rewarded for lowering their electricity use during set periods of high energy use, when demand is high. This enables ESO to even out energy use, lowering the risk of UK blackouts.

How long will Smart Flex run for? 

Shell Energy customers will be able to take part in Smart Flex events from November 2023 until March 2024.

What’s in it for me?

You can earn prize draw entries to win £20 gift cards. The total prize fund across the 12 guaranteed events is £72,000, which will increase if additional events are held. Learn more about the prize draws.

Is Smart Flex for electricity, gas, or both?

This scheme is aiming to reduce demand in electricity consumption only.

I’m interested, how do I get involved?

If you have a smart meter and you’d like to be invited to take part in the scheme, make sure you opt in to hearing from us. You can do this in My Account at any time. Learn how to change your marketing preferences.

Can I be in the events together with other flexibility trials?

You can only take part with one Demand Flexibility Service provider, as ESO needs a single source of information to calculate electricity use.

If you’re registered with more than one provider, the last provider you signed up with will become your Demand Flexibility Service provider - you’ll be opted out of any others automatically.