We’re bringing the Smart Flex scheme to an end on 14 February to focus on moving our customers over to Octopus’s systems. Once you’re an Octopus customer, they’ll let you know how to join Saving Sessions, their own demand flexibility scheme.

Learn more about Saving Sessions.

Who’s eligible to take part in the Smart Flex scheme?

If you’re a Shell Energy customer with a communicating smart electricity meter, you’re eligible to take part. ‘Communicating’ means it sends us meter readings automatically (and has done this for the past 30 days).

To receive an invitation from us, you'll need to have subscribed to information about Shell Energy products, services and offers. You can do this in My Account at any time. Learn how to change your marketing preferences.

Unfortunately, prepayment smart meter customers can’t participate in Smart Flex.

If you haven’t yet had a smart meter installed, you can book an installation and join the Smart Flex scheme when your new meter is up and running.

Why does my smart meter need to be communicating?

To track how much electricity you’re using (or not using) during such a short period, we need to receive your energy use information.

I can’t find my in-home display. Can I still take part in Smart Flex?

Yes, you can. We need the last four characters of your in-home display’s GUID code to sign you up to Smart Flex, but you don’t need to have the unit itself to hand.

When we ask if you’d like to sign up to Smart Flex, the four characters from your in-home display will be included in that email, so you don’t have to go looking for them.