We’re bringing the Smart Flex scheme to an end on 14 February to focus on moving our customers over to Octopus’s systems. Once you’re an Octopus customer, they’ll let you know how to join Saving Sessions, their own demand flexibility scheme.

Learn more about Saving Sessions.

How many Smart Flex events will there be?

There will be 12 guaranteed Smart Flex events until March 2024, with more to be held if needed.

How will each event work?

Once you’ve signed up to Smart Flex, we’ll start inviting you to take part in events.

You’ll receive no more than 24 hours’ notice, but we may only be able to let you know about an upcoming event a few hours beforehand.

You’ll receive an email before each event is due to open, with instructions on how to take part. Once the event starts, all you need to do is lower your usual energy consumption. A few days after the event, you’ll receive an email letting you know how you did.

What should I do to lower my electricity use?

It’s worth planning how you’re going to reduce your consumption ahead of the event. The best way to lower how much energy your household uses is to avoid high-consumption appliances. This includes dishwashers, tumble dryers and washing machines.

Your smart meter’s in-home display is a useful tool for figuring out which appliances use the most electricity, as it displays consumption almost in real time. Turning appliances on then off individually, and watching peaks and troughs in energy use, will help you spot where you can make the greatest savings during an event.

When will the events take place?

The events will take place at the time period when we all use the most energy - usually between 4pm and 7pm. But they could take place at any other time there are high levels of demand on the UK’s energy supply.

How long will the events last?

The times may vary event to event, but we’re expecting them to last between one and two hours.

Do I have to join every event?

You can choose to join, or not join, any event - but it’s worth taking part in as many as you can. We’ll ask you to opt in to each event, so if you’d rather not take part you don’t need to do anything. You’ll next hear from us before the next event.

To opt out of Smart Flex entirely, use the ‘Opt out of Smart Flex’ link in any of the emails you receive from Smart Flex.

What happens if I don’t opt in?

We’ll still continue to invite you to future events.

Why haven’t I been invited to an event?

If your smart meter isn’t communicating with us as often as we need to measure your electricity use during an event, you may not be invited to it.

How do you work out how much electricity I saved?

Because you already have a communicating smart meter, we know what your household’s average electricity use looks like for peak periods. We use this to calculate the amount of electricity you saved during an event.

You’ve said I didn’t save enough electricity, but my home was empty

We calculate the amount of electricity saved during each event using average figures for your household taken over the 10 days before that event. So if you used less electricity than usual in those 10 days - for example, because you were on holiday - that event’s saving will be less than you might expect.

I’ve just signed up - when will I be invited to the next event?

If you sign up to Smart Flex while the events are already happening, it’ll take two working days before you can start receiving invitations to future events.