Why is Shell Energy contacting me?

When you joined Shell Energy Broadband or the Post Office you agreed to a contract with a fixed term. As this term is now coming to an end, we’re getting in touch to help you decide what to do next.

What is an End of Contract notification?

You’ll receive this 10-40 days before your minimum contract ends. It’ll provide information about:

  • Your current package
  • What you’re currently paying
  • When your current contract ends
  • What your new package and monthly payment will be
  • The best package/price available to you for this product


What is an Annual Best Tariff Notification?

You’ll receive this 12 months after your contract ends and every year thereafter. It offers:

  • A reminder that you’re no longer in contract
  • Details of your current package
  • How much you’re currently paying
  • The best package/price available to you


How are the notifications sent?

We’ll be in touch by letter or email, depending on your preference. 

What if I don’t want notifications - can I have them stopped?

As these are regulatory communications, we need to share this information with you. We also want to ensure you have all the information you need to make the best decision about what to do next.

How do I know the exact date when my contract ends?

You’ll have received details about your contract when you joined Shell Energy Broadband or the Post Office. We’ll also send you a communication 10-40 days before your contract ends.

Will my monthly prices change?

Your monthly prices may change at the end of your contract. Please check your End of Contract notification as this will have all the details of your new prices.

I haven't received a notification?

If you normally receive emails from us it's worth checking your junk mail to see if it's there. If we try to email you and it bounces back we’ll automatically send you the notification as a letter. This’ll take longer to arrive than an email. 

Give us a call on 0330 094 9181 if you’d like us to resend the notification to you, check that the email address we have for you is up to date or discuss your current options.