If you’ve got prepayment meters with your existing energy supplier, please call our sales team on 0330 094 5800 to get a quote and start your switch.

Can I switch if I’ve got a debt on my prepayment meters?

Yes. All energy companies have been asked by Ofgem to make things easier and fairer for prepayment customers if they want to switch with energy debt on the meter. You should be able to switch with up to £500 of debt per fuel, depending on your current energy supplier - and who you wish to switch to.

When will I receive my electricity key and or gas card?

If you are switching supply to us and have a prepayment meter, you’ll receive your new Prepayment card or key at the time your supply switches to us. You’ll also receive instructions on when to start using your new card or key to make sure you don’t lose any credit on your meter.

If you need to top your prepayment meter up before you have received your new top up card/key you can continue to use your previous suppliers card to top up your meter.