How do I switch to Shell Energy with a prepayment meter?

If you’ve got prepayment meters, call our sales team on 0330 094 5802 to get a quote and start your switch.

Can I switch if I’ve got a debt on my prepayment meters?

Yes. All energy companies have been asked by Ofgem to make things easier and fairer for prepayment customers if they want to switch with energy debt on the meter. You should be able to switch with up to £500 of debt per fuel, depending on your current energy supplier - and who you wish to switch to.

When will I receive my electricity key and or gas card?

If you are switching supply to us and have a Prepayment meter, you’ll receive your new Prepayment card or key at the time your supply switches to us. You’ll also receive instructions on when to start using your new card or key to make sure you don’t lose any credit on your meter.

What are the advantages of having a prepayment meter?

  • A prepayment meter lets you manage and control how you pay for the energy you use by letting you choose how much to spend and when.
  • Prepayment meters act like a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) system so you don’t have to worry about monthly bills.
  • If you find yourself with debt that you’re struggling to pay back, a prepayment meter can be used to repay this in set amounts over a time period that suits you.
  • You’ll have the potential to build up credit on the meter over the summer months to help pay for the winter months.
  • You’ll receive a statement of account each year showing how much energy you’ve used and the payments you’ve made, plus your current account balance.

What are the disadvantages of having a prepayment meter?

  • Your supply may disconnect if you don’t top up and keep your meter in a credit balance.
  • If you’re going to be away from home for a few days or more you’ll need to make sure you have enough credit to cover the standing charges, any usage (like a fridge or freezer) during this period and any debt payments that’ll be taken during that time.
  • You may find yourself having to top up more during the winter period due to the colder weather and darker nights, as usage usually goes up during this time.
  • If you lose your top-up cards, you’ll need to call us to arrange for new cards to be sent to you, which we may charge you for.
  • Standing charges will also be deducted from the credit on the meter each day; your meter must have enough credit to pay for these even during the summer when your usage may be lower.
  • Prepayment tariffs may be slightly higher than other payment methods due to the additional metering and administration costs.