If you get cheaper electricity at certain times, this is also known as Economy 7. This means your meter will have two readings – one for your day usage, and one for your night usage.

A Timed Space Test is our way of working out which reading is for the day, and which is for night-time. That way, we can know we’re billing you correctly for the electricity you’re using.

If we’ve asked you for a Timed Space Test, please send us two readings taken on the same day, at least two hours apart, and between the hours of 7:30am-11:30pm. For example:

Time – 8:00am                   Time – 6:00pm

Rate 1 – 56789                   Rate 1 – 56799

Rate 2 – 12345                   Rate 2 – 12345

In this example, it shows that Rate 1 is the day usage, because it’s moved during the day, while Rate 2 has stayed the same.

To send us this information, get in touch.