No one wants to pay for more than they’ve used, whether it’s on a phone contract, your food shop or for your energy. By giving us a monthly meter reading, we’re able to give you the most accurate bill possible. It means; 

  • You’re only paying for the energy you use
  • You’re provided with an accurate quote on all our tariffs
  • Any changes to your usage habits will be quickly reflected on your bill
  • Any estimations we make if you can't submit a read will be far more accurate
  • If you pay by variable Direct Debit your meter readings mean you don’t pay too much or too little each month
  • If you pay by monthly Direct Debit your monthly meter readings means you avoid building up a large credit or debit


For example:

Mrs. Smith has been a Shell Energy customer for four years. When she joined, she lived with her husband and two teenage children. Mrs. Smith's children moved out over the last two years but she hasn't been submitting reads. As a result, her estimated reads are based on energy usage from when her two children lived with her, and so she could be overpaying by as much as 50% based on adults living in the household.

How do I submit my monthly meter readings?

You can submit your readings quickly and easily through your online account here. For other ways to submit your readings, click here.