Just as you wouldn’t pay an estimated amount for your mobile phone bill, you shouldn’t be paying an estimated amount for your gas and electricity. That’s why submitting your monthly meter reading is so important.

Unless you have a Smart meter (which automatically sends us readings), the only way for us to get your monthly gas and electricity meter readings is if you submit them to us. You can do this online in My Account or if you’re not able to do this online, we can submit your reading for you just get in touch. We’ll send you monthly email reminders so you know when to submit your readings, or you can turn on notifications in your app for monthly app alerts.

Your monthly readings are the best way for us to calculate your bill. They put you in control of your energy by:

  • Making sure you’re only paying for the energy you use
  • Helping us to get your bills accurate
  • Providing you an accurate quote on all our current tariffs
  • If you pay by variable Direct Debit your meter readings help you to avoid paying too much or too little each month
  • If you pay by monthly Direct Debit your monthly meter readings help you to avoid building up a big debt or overpaying.

We only want you to pay for the energy you’ve actually used, nothing more.

If you need extra support, we have a full range of services to meet the needs of vulnerable people, including help with meter readings.