I submitted the wrong reading, less than 24 hours ago

If you’ve submitted the wrong reading online, you have 24 hours to delete it yourself. You can delete this by following the link or in the ‘Submit a reading’ section of your online account. There will be a ‘Delete’ option next to your reading.

When you select the blue coloured ‘Delete’ option, a message will pop up asking you to confirm that you want to delete the reading. Select ‘Delete’ again and a confirmation will pop up. And that’s it, you’re done - you can now submit your correct reading.

I submitted the wrong reading more than 24 hours ago and I’ve just noticed

If you submitted the wrong reading more than 24 hours ago, you can request us to correct it for you.

I have a two-rate meter and the readings are the wrong way round on my account

If you think there’s been a mix up with your electricity rates. you’ll need to do something called a 'Timed Space Test'.