Smart meter customers

If your smart meter is working correctly, it sends us your readings automatically, so that you don't have to. 

However, if we've been in touch asking you for a reading, this means your smart meter isn't communicating with us for some reason. You can't submit smart meter readings in your online account or through the app on your phone. Please get in touch here and give us your reading on our live chat, by email or over the phone instead.

Standard meter customers

  1. Through the app – The quickest and easiest way to submit your meter reading is through the Shell Energy app (available in the App Store or on Google Play).


Simply select the ‘Meters’ icon, then choose ‘Electricity’ or ‘Gas’. 

A keypad will appear and you can enter your reading.

If your meter is in an awkward place, there’s a ‘Torch’ button to help you. 

Click ‘Submit’ and you’re done.

  1. In your online account – Just select ‘Submit a reading’ on your home page, then choose ‘Electricity’ or ‘Gas’.


Enter your reading and the date you read your meter.

         Click ‘Submit’, and you’re done.

  1. Over the phone – you can also use our automated phone line. 

         Call 0330 094 5800 and choose option 1 to get started.

Need help?

If you're having problems submitting your meter readings, call us on 0330 094 5800 and we'll be happy to help.