How to submit a meter reading

You can submit your readings online using My Account or by phone and email. If you have an electricity smart meter, we’ll receive your monthly readings automatically and you can check them in the Readings section of your My Account.

If you need extra support, we have a full range of services to meet the needs of vulnerable people, including help with meter readings.

Submitting my reading via My Account

  • To submit your reading in My Account just log in using the email address we contact you with and go to ‘Submit readings’.
  • Enter your reading in the first box and change the date underneath, if you need to.
  • Hit the ‘Submit’ button and your reading will be logged with your previous ones below (if you submit the wrong reading you have 24 hours to delete it).
  • When your reading has been logged an icon will appear next to it, to let you know whether it’s been validated or not.

How we validate your meter reading

Every reading you submit needs to be validated by the industry against previous readings for that meter - sometimes this information doesn’t match. When this happens, we can’t validate the reading, even if you’ve provided a  reading from your individual meter. If this happens, we have to send you an estimated bill.

Why should I submit readings?

It's important you submit regularly readings to your account. We use your meter readings to calculate your monthly bills and to provide accurate quotes for new tariffs. If you submit them regularly we can make sure that you’re only billed for the energy you use. We also use the data from your readings to provide energy saving advice with My Energy. So, by submitting regular readings not only are you taking control of your account, you’re also giving us the power to help you save energy.