With a fixed price tariff, you can protect your prices for a set period of time - giving you one less thing to worry about. The longer you fix, the longer you have peace of mind. Switch to a fixed priced tariff.

What’s the difference between a fixed price and a monthly Direct Debit?

Being on a fixed price tariff does not necessarily mean you have a monthly Direct Debit.

On a fixed price tariff:

  • The standing charge and unit rates for your energy are fixed until the end of the tariff’s fixed period so the price you pay for each unit of energy doesn’t change.
  • However, your monthly payments may not stay the same.

This is because your monthly payment is a combination of the price per unit of energy and the total amount of energy you’re actually using.

On a monthly Direct Debit:

  • We’ve estimated your annual usage.
  • We’ve broken this into fixed payments that you make every month.
  • We review this amount regularly at least once a year (we generally start this 3 months after your registration with us) to help you avoid under or overpaying for your energy. 

This is your monthly payment and it’s based on the information you gave us when you first signed up.