If you’re on a variable tariff, you won’t be charged an exit fee.

If you’re on a fixed tariff, you may be charged an exit fee if you change to another tariff or switch away from us, and the cost of your exit fee depends on your tariff.

You can find information about this in the terms and conditions in your tariff guide, or by using our virtual assistant, Ask Us.

How do I know if I’ve been charged an exit fee?

You’ll see an alert in your online account warning you that you’re going to be charged an exit fee. It will be added to your next bill.

Why do you charge exit fees?

We lock the price of your energy by buying it in bulk, giving you a better price. But like most energy suppliers, if you leave early, there could be an exit fee.

If you do decide to leave, we’ll tell what your exit fee is. After that you’ve got 14 days in case you want to change your mind. If you decide not to leave, you won’t be charged the exit fee.

There's more information about this in the terms and conditions of your Tariff Guide, available in your online account.

I’m on a fixed tariff but I’m moving home, what do I do?

You can take your fixed tariff with you to your new property. As long as you switch your new supply to us within 30 days of moving home, you won't be charged an exit fee. More information about moving home.