My Energy is our innovative online feature designed to help you to understand the energy you use at home and how to save money. From the graphs that show you how much energy you're using, to comparing your usage to people in similar homes, you can find out how to save and save again.

If you’re already a customer, log into your online account and start saving with My Energy..

The information provided by My Energy may not always match your bill, because the period of energy usage shown for My Energy and your bill isn’t always the same.

Where can I find My Energy?

You can get to My Energy from your online account. You’ll need to have an account with us and at least one fuel on supply to use My Energy. If you're not a customer with us yet, why not join us and start saving today?

If you’re a new customer, some of the My Energy tools, like information about your monthly usage, won’t be unlocked until we’ve got at least two months’ worth of reads. After that, you can start saving your energy, therefore your money, with full access to our energy saving tools.