My first payment

As part of the switching process, we’ll set up a monthly Direct Debit to cover the cost of your energy each month based on the usage information you gave us in your registration. If we don't have this we base it on the average for homes similar to yours.

You’ll receive email confirmation of this monthly payment amount and the date we’ll be taking it. You can’t request a different payment date for your first payment but you can change the date in your online account after this.

Your first payment will be taken close to your switch-over date, so be aware that two payments may be taken around the same time - one by your previous supplier to cover your final bill, and one by us as part of your new Direct Debit plan.

How do you calculate my Personal Projection?

We forecasted the cost of your energy usage based on:

  • Energy usage information from your application
  • Readings from your previous supplier
  • Energy industry averages for usage
  • Your chosen tariff rates

Why do you take my first payment so early?

Your first bill can take up to 90 days to be produced, so to make sure your account doesn’t fall behind, we’ll take your monthly Direct Debit in advance.

Why do I start on a monthly Direct Debit?

The monthly Direct Debit is an easy way to spread the cost of your energy across the year, with 12 equal monthly payments and is based on usage information you gave us when you registered. If we don't have this, we base it on the average for homes similar to yours.

We understand everyone has different preferences when it comes to payments, so if you want to change the way you pay you can do this in the ‘Account Summary’ section of My Account. This option will be available after your first payment has been taken. Information about other payment options.

When will I receive my first bill?

Your first bill takes up to 90 days to be produced, which you’ll see in the Payment Method section of your online account. If you stay on a monthly Direct Debit, you’ll have already made payments, so your credit should cover your first bill.

I’ve received my first bill and it mentions ‘the industry’ or ‘industry data’, what does this mean?

Click the industry for more information.