Paying by variable Direct Debit lets you clear your balance in full every month. 

How much you’ll pay will depend on your energy use and the tariff plan you’re on. Make sure you only pay for exactly what you use by sending us monthly meter readings - check when the best date is to send these in My Account. We’ll also send you a monthly reminder by email.

Paying for dual fuel by Direct Debit on a flexible tariff (SVT) can save the average household £124 a year.* A fixed tariff could save up to £48 per fuel, per year.**

You can set up a Direct Debit in the Shell Energy app or in My Account.

When do you take my variable Direct Debit payment?

We’ll take the payment 14 days after your bill is produced. If this falls on a weekend or bank holiday, we'll take the payment the next working day. You can find your payment due date in the top right-hand corner of the first page of your bill.

Not sure if you have a Direct Debit set up? Check your payment details in My Account or in the Shell Energy app.

*Savings vary as rates are applied against standing charges and unit rates, but the average household paying £1,834 per year on a flexible (standard variable) tariff saves £124 a year by paying with Direct Debit. Actual costs may differ based on the amount of energy consumed.

**Direct Debit customers on a fixed tariff receive a discount of £4 per fuel, per month, meaning a saving of up to £48 per fuel, per year.