If you prefer to pay for what you use each month, the variable Direct Debit is for you. The amount you pay each month may change depending on your usage, so if you’re submitting regular readings, you won’t be paying more or less than the energy you use.

We tend to use a lot of energy in winter to heat our homes, so our bills tend to be higher at this time of year. This is something to consider when paying by variable Direct Debit, as you won’t be building up credit on your account from the cheaper summer months, like you would on the monthly Direct Debit.

When will my variable Direct Debit be taken each month?

Your monthly bill will have your payment due date on the top right-hand corner of the first page and your payment will be taken on or around this date every month. This date will depend on the date your bill is produced, so it won’t be the same every month.

If you prefer to spread the cost of your energy across the year, by paying a set amount on a set date each month, then we recommend the monthly Direct Debit. You can change to a monthly Direct Debit by using our virtual assistant, Ask Us and logging in here.

If you don’t want to do this online or you’re experiencing problems with your Direct Debit, contact us and we’ll help you to make the changes you need.