An annual summary gives you an overview of your costs and usage over the past 12 months. It’s sent to you once a year as either an email attachment or by post depending on how you get your monthly bills. 

If you need to request a copy of your latest annual summary, contact us here

If both your gas and electricity are supplied by us, we’ll send you a separate summary for each.

What’s included?

  • Your energy usage summary - information about your energy consumption over the past 12 months, and the total cost of that energy.


  • Your Personal Projection - an estimate of your likely costs over the next 12 months based on your previous usage. If you’re on a tariff that’s due to end soon, we assume that you will move to our cheapest variable tariff when your current tariff expires. The projected cost is an estimate and does not include any credit/debit balance you may have on your account.


  • Cheapest tariff comparison - information about our cheapest available tariff for you, based on your usage information.


  • Tariff details - details of your current tariff including your prices, any discounts you receive and the date that your tariff ends (if applicable).


  • Key contractual terms - a summary of the key terms and conditions relevant to your current tariff.


  • Glossary - a quick guide to some of the common terms you’ll see on your Annual Summary.


  • Useful information and independent advice - contact details for useful organisations that can help you reduce your energy costs and know your rights as an energy consumer.