If you’ve received a monthly bill that looks different to what you usually see, and believe it’s incorrect, here are some of the reasons behind this:

  • We didn’t receive a reading on time. We’ll send you an email reminder when it’s time to submit your reading. If you submit a reading too early or too late, we can’t bill you correctly. To find out when you'd need to submit a monthly read click here
  • We didn’t receive a reading. To make sure your bills are as accurate as possible it’s important to submit your monthly meter reading. To submit an up to date read, click here
  • Your fixed tariff has come to an end and you’re now on a variable tariff. To find out how to change your tariff today, click here
  • The read you've submitted is wrong. To find out how to correct this, click here
  • Your home setup has changed. For example, your property might have increased in size or there are more people living in it. You might have added buildings that use your energy supply, or you’ve had underfloor heating installed


If you don’t think it’s due to the reasons above and would like to query your bill amount, please get in touch.