Monthly Direct Debit

Monthly Direct Debit is an effortless way to pay for your energy and is our recommended payment method. We arrange for a set amount to come out of your bank account on a monthly basis. This will cover your energy usage and spread the cost of your energy equally across the year. Your energy account will be in credit over the summer months to help pay for those higher bills in the winter. 

Why pay by Monthly Direct Debit?

It can save you money 

  • You may get a discount if you pay by monthly Direct Debit, depending on your tariff


It gives you peace of mind 

  • Monthly Direct Debit allows you to spread the cost of your energy use across the year
  • We regularly review your usage and payments to make sure you’re not paying too much or too little for your energy


It saves you time

  • Payments are made automatically and you’ll know exactly how much money is going out each month


Variable Direct Debit

If you prefer to pay for what you use every month rather than a set amount, you can change to a variable Direct Debit. When paying by variable Direct Debit, please make sure that you submit your meter readings every month so your bills are accurate. Change to a variable Direct Debit.

Managing your payments online

My Account gives you a convenient and secure way to make payments and view your bills.

Don't forget you can also do this via our app, which allows you to pay and check your account on the go.

Paying using our automated phone line 

Phone our automated 24 hour payment service on 0330 094 5800. Enter your debit or credit card details as instructed. Please note that it can take three to five days to process your payment.

Paying through your bank

To pay via bank transfer you'll need our bank details: 

Bank: Barclays 

Sort code: 20-00-00 

Account number: 53764680 

Payee: Shell Energy Retail Limited 

Reference: Your Shell Energy account number

You can find your Shell Energy account number on your energy or broadband bill, or on your My Account homepage, just below your account name. It’s important to provide this so we can allocate your payment to your account.