When you pay via monthly Direct Debit, it’s likely that your account will be in credit and debit at different times. This is because your usage changes throughout the year. We don’t recommend that you request money back when you’re in credit.

Why? Requesting money back could mean that your account falls into debt later in the year when your energy usage increases again. We regularly reassess customer accounts. If we find that your monthly payment figure is too high, we’ll suggest that the amount is reduced to reflect this.

I’ve left Shell Energy, when will I receive my refund?

If you have switched your supply away from us, we will need to receive your final reading (the initial read sent by your new supplier) and reflect this in a final bill for you, which once paid, will allow us to refund the remaining credit balance.

If you have moved out of a property supplied by us, we will need you to send us the moving out read for the day you left the property. This will then be reflected in your final invoice, which once paid will allow us to refund the remaining credit balance.