Single master socket setup diagram

  1. Disconnect everything from your phone line at the master socket.
  2. Connect your microfilter into the master socket *Please note, all phone sockets in use will need a microfilter, including Satellite TV boxes, connected alarm systems and emergency call diallers.
  3. Connect your phone cable to the phone socket on your microfilter.
  4. Connect one end of the RJ11/DSL cable to the data port on the microfilter, and the other end to the port on the back of the router labelled, ‘DSL’
  5. Ensure the two part power supply unit is assembled correctly before connecting to the mains.
  6. Turn on the mains and push the power button on the back of your router.
  7. LED lights will start flickering whilst the router powers up. The colour and stability of the lights show the status of the router and will take time to stabilise
  8. When the broadband and internet lights are solid green, setup is complete.


*Please note - All phone sockets that are in use will need a microfilter, including sockets for Sky boxes