The right time to plug in your router will depend on what you ordered and your existing broadband setup. Please check which option applies to you before plugging your router in.

If you ordered Fast Broadband or Superfast Fibre/Superfast Fibre Plus, but don't have fibre broadband from your existing provider:

  • Plug the router in once your current service stops working (the point when you're unable to access the internet and the internet light on your current router will be red).


If you ordered Superfast Fibre/Superfast Fibre Plus and you currently have fibre broadband from your existing provider:

  • Leave your existing router plugged in during the day. The router should be plugged in at the end of the day or when you receive an email stating “Your broadband service is ready” (whichever is sooner).


If you're having a new line installed or do not have an existing broadband service:

  • Plug our router in on the day of your installation (if socket available) or when the engineer visits.


Please note, your service can go live at any time up to midnight.