We’ve produced a handy guide and example bill to explain how yours is calculated, which you can view by clicking here.

Remember that your first bill with Shell Energy Broadband will include:

  • Monthly charges for broadband, call packages and optional features
  • Call charges (for calls made outside of your call package) and a full breakdown of all calls made
  • One off charges such as engineer charges
  • Details of any payments made

Your bill will clearly itemise all the charges and the time period they relate to. It may also include one off charges such as a new line installation charge (if you needed a new phone line installed).

You'll receive this around 14 days after your broadband service has been activated.

Your first bill may be slightly higher, as you will have an additional few days which covers the period of your go live date, until the end of your bill cycle. You will then also have your second full month included in the same bill.