We think an important part of gaining control over your energy usage is fully understanding your bill. We have the most detailed bills in the industry and are in regular consultation with consumer group Which? to make sure our bills are really simple to understand.

The bill images used are for representative purposes and your actual bill details may be slightly different.

Account and bill details

Your account number is here. This will be useful if you need to log into your account or make a payment.

Statement Summary

The overview of your bill will show the balance on your previous bill, any payments we have received since and the charges on this bill.

The last row shows your updated account balance.

Payment details

This will be slightly different depending on the way you pay your bill:

  • If you pay by a monthly Direct Debit, this shows your monthly payment amount and date
  • If you pay by variable Direct Debit, this shows the amount and date of the next payment.
  • If you don’t pay by Direct Debit, you’ll see the amount due and due date.

Your bill will also tell you if we have billed you to actual or estimated reads.

Could you pay less

Your Personal Projection is the amount of energy you’re likely to use over the year. We calculate your Personal Projection based on your historic usage and the reads you give us.

This will also let you know if you are on the cheapest tariff and if there is a cheaper tariff available.

About your tariff

This gives you information about your tariff and how much energy you have used in the last year. This will be based on any meter reads that you have given us, otherwise we will use estimates.

About your usage

These graphs show your usage for this year and last year. If you haven’t been with us for a year, you won’t see this on your bill.

Your Payments

This section shows any payments that you have made since your last bill was produced.

Electricity Charges

This shows your electricity usage. If we have your meter reads, we will use on these. If not, we will use estimates based on your previous usage.

Electricity Supply Number

This is your unique reference for the electricity supply allocated to your property.

Gas Charges

This shows your gas usage. This can be based on meter readings you’ve given us, or we will estimate based on your previous usage.

Gas meters measure your usage in cubic meters (metric) or cubic feet (imperial). This is used to convert your usage to kilowatt hours. For imperial meters, we will first convert cubic feet to cubic meters.

Gas Supply Number

This is your unique reference for the gas supply allocated to your property