Yes. Sometimes reasons beyond our control prevent us from fitting smart meters. 

An engineer can't determine any of these issues before visiting your property, so they'll conduct a quick survey before installing the meter. This will include a safety assessment.

If we can't fit a smart meter, we’ll let you know the reason. It could be:

  • Poor mobile network coverage in your area
    Smart meters rely on mobile technology to communicate, so if your signal is weak, your meter won’t be able to send your readings
  • An inaccessible meter 
    For example, some meters can be obstructed by kitchen units built around them.
  • Not enough room to install the meter
    If the new smart meter is larger than your existing meter, there might not be enough space to fit it.
  • A problem with your metering system that isn’t related to your energy supplier
    For example, there could be a problem with the main supply fuse, which is owned by the local Distribution Network Operator (DNO). Likewise, our engineer can't resolve issues with your appliances.


Interested in getting a smart meter?

We’re no longer offering new smart meter appointments as our customers are moving to Octopus Energy. If you’re looking to get a smart meter, please sit tight for now. Once Octopus confirms that your energy account has moved to their systems, you can book an installation with them. 

If you've already booked an installation, your appointment still stands. If you need to cancel, please call our installation partners, SMS plc, on 0330 094 5231. Lines are open 8am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 4pm on Saturdays.