With our fully flexible option, your tariff price can change. When this happens, the unit rate (the amount you pay for your energy per kWh) changes for all customers on that tariff. You can protect yourself from unexpected price rises by choosing one of our fixed tariffs.

How will you notify me about a price change?

We’ll send an email explaining your new rates and other important information about the price change. If the email message fails, we’ll send it by post.

How much notice will you give me about a price change?

We must give you at least 30 working days' notice if we change our prices. You can read full details in our terms and conditions.

What if I want to leave after you've told me about a price change?

If you choose to leave us, you can do so without the price change affecting you but:

We must hear from your new supplier no later than 20 working days after (but not including) the date on which the changes to your contract take effect that your supply will be transferred within a reasonable period of time after this notice is received.

You may be charged at the new price for the period up until you leave us. If you are, don’t worry. We’ll credit the difference back to your account on your final bill.

Can you stop me leaving after a price change if I have a debt on my account?

If you have outstanding energy supply charges on your account, we may prevent you from transferring to another supplier until you pay those charges.

A price change may have no effect on you. But you must pay any outstanding charges within 30 working days from the date we tell you that we’re objecting to your transfer to another supplier.