We have a range of great tariffs to offer you, with value for money that will allow you to spend less on what you need and more on what you want. The quickest and easiest way to change your tariff is to download our app or use My Account. There's no need to call us - you can find all of our available tariffs via your online account

Whether you’re looking for fixed savings for longer, the lowest possible price or full flexibility, we have a tariff for you.

I want long-term security

Our longer fixed tariffs protect you from fluctuating energy costs for an extended period, so you can save money in the long run. They’re our most secure option.

I prefer quick savings

Our shorter fixed tariffs can save you money in the short-term.

I prefer not to have a contract

Our fully flexible option is a tariff without a fixed term.

I'm interested in additional rewards

Our tariffs provide you with great savings and can include additional rewards - find out about our current offers.

How do you check if I could be paying less on a different tariff?

When we check if you could be paying less, we provide two options:

Our cheapest similar tariff:

  • We assume that all your current preferences stay the same except payment type.
  • We look at similar types of tariff (e.g. fixed if you’re currently on a fixed).
  • We calculate the likely costs for you on that tariff.
  • If by changing your payment method we can save you money, we’ll let you know.

Our cheapest tariff overall:

  • We check to see whether changing your preferences could save you money. For example, checking if you could save money by moving onto our variable tariff.
  • We tell you how much you could save if you changed these preferences, for example our cheapest tariffs include discounts for paying by Direct Debit.

Some of our fixed price tariffs are subject to an exit fee. If you decide to change to another tariff or switch away from us then check your tariff terms and conditions for details of any additional charges.

Do you still do the Dual Fuel Discount?

The Dual Fuel Discount (or DFD) is no longer a separate benefit, as we’ve now added the savings to all our competitively-priced tariffs. You can compare tariffs here.