If you’ve switched to us but you’re still receiving bills from your previous supplier, this may be:

  • Your final bill from them
  • Your final payment
  • Your Direct Debit may still be live

But if you’ve checked and this isn’t the case, there may have been an issue with your switch. In this case, we may have taken over the wrong supply and your supply may still be with the same supplier - this is called an Erroneous Transfer.

The reasons for an Erroneous Transfer could be:

  • The national database has the wrong meter details for your address, as it hasn’t been updated for a while
  • Your property is a flat, or an apartment and your meter details are registered to the wrong flat number on the national database
  • We have the wrong meter details for your property on our system
  • Your application included the wrong address

How can I check if this has happened?

You can check your meter details on your bill. Compare the gas supply number (meter point reference number) and the electricity supply number (meter point administration number) on your bill from us and your previous supplier. These supply numbers are usually located next to the gas and electricity statement.

If the numbers don’t match up, we have the wrong meter details for your property, which means we may have switched the wrong supplies. Don’t worry, we can get everything back on track within three to four weeks.

What happens next?