Occasionally, when switching your energy, your existing supplier may object to you leaving them and put a stop to the switch. This is often due to a debt on the account, or if you’ve recently moved into the property and haven’t contacted the existing supplier.

How will I know that my switch has been stopped?

We’ll send you an email to let you know, then you’ll need to contact your existing supplier to resolve the issue as they can’t discuss this with us. They should contact you to let you know anyway.

Your existing supplier has 24 hours to release the block on your switch. When they have done this, we can re-apply for your supply. If they haven’t released the block after the 24 hour window, you can make a new application to us online.

What happens after I’ve spoken to my existing supplier?

If your existing supplier has agreed to remove the objection, you don’t need to do anything, we’ll continue the switching process and email your welcome information. If your existing supplier chooses to keep the objection in place, we’ll send you an email to make you aware of this. You’ll need to get back in touch with them to resolve the issue. When they’re happy to remove the objection, let us know and we’ll start your switch again.