Under various regulations, any transaction that takes place online or in your home has to include a cooling-off period

This period allows you as a consumer to change your mind about signing up for goods or services without incurring any penalty.

How does this apply if I signed up to switch online?

If you’ve signed up to switch to Shell Energy online, you’re given a cooling-off period of 14 calendar days under the ‘Distance Selling Regulations.’ Under these rules, the supplier must have notified you in writing about the period.

What if I want to cancel?

If you decide to cancel your registration with Shell Energy, you need to let us know. You can either:

  • Check the email we sent confirming your registration. It has a link to the registration page where you can tell us you want to cancel
  • Check our website on how to contact us

Remember, once your cooling-off period ends, you will be officially signed up to switch your energy supply.