Once you’ve contacted us to let us know that we’ve taken the wrong supply for your property, we’ll get to work resolving it as quickly as possible, we will;

  • Take your correct supply details and confirm the situation.
  • Remove the wrong supply details from your account.
  • Apply for your correct supplies.
  • Produce a revised bill, cancelling any charges for the wrong supply details.
  • Refund any payments you’ve made for the wrong supply
  • Ask for your opening reading


Once we’ve taken over your correct supply, we’ll send an email to confirm this.

We know that this can be worrying, so we try to take away as much stress as we can by updating you along the way via email.

You’ll need to pay any outstanding balance with your previous supplier as you’ve been using their energy, not ours. If they’re asking for payments before you’ve received your refund from us, you can ask them to put your billing on hold until the situation is resolved.