The benefits of paying by monthly Direct Debit

1. You’ll pay less for your energy

Paying for dual fuel by Direct Debit on a flexible (standard variable) tariff saves the average household £124 a year.* A fixed tariff could save up to £48 per fuel, per year.**

2. You can spread the cost of energy over the year

We calculate how much energy you’ll use over the year, and spread the total cost over 12 equal monthly payments.

3. It’s easier to manage your budget 

Equal payments each month mean you always know what’s due, making it easier to plan ahead.

4. You won’t miss any payments

Payments are made automatically from your account, with the Direct Debit Guarantee giving you added peace of mind.

How we calculate your Direct Debit

How much you pay depends on what tariff you’re on and how much energy you use. In order to calculate your monthly Direct Debit, we estimate how much energy you’ll use throughout the year based on your current energy use.

We understand situations change, so we aim to assess your monthly Direct Debit every three months. We’ll also assess it when Ofgem announces a price cap change. If it needs adjusting, we’ll let you know and change your payment amount to keep you on track.  

To make sure your bill is accurate, we’ll contact you when it’s time to send us a meter reading.

Want to set up a monthly Direct Debit?

You can set up a monthly Direct Debit quickly and easily in My Account or in the Shell Energy app.

If you’re unsure, you can check how you pay.

*Savings vary as rates are applied against standing charges and unit rates, but the average household paying £1,834 per year on a flexible (standard variable) tariff saves £124 a year by paying with Direct Debit. Actual costs may differ based on the amount of energy consumed.

**Direct Debit customers on a fixed tariff receive a discount of £4 per fuel, per month, meaning a saving of up to £48 per fuel, per year.