A monthly Direct Debit is a set amount that you pay each month to cover your energy usage and helps you spread the cost of your energy equally across the year. This means that your energy account will be in credit over the summer months, to help pay for those higher bills in the winter.

How do you work out my monthly Direct Debit payment?

Your Direct Debit amount is based on your average energy usage over 12 months. We occasionally adjust it to reflect changes in your usage.

When is my first Direct Debit taken?

Your first payment is taken close to your switch-over date to make sure that your energy account has enough credit to cover your first bill. We may change this amount if you’re paying too much or too little but, if we do, we’ll contact you to let you know. Keep track of your payments by monitoring your monthly bills.

Direct Debit reassessments

When you start with us, we calculate a 12-month quote for your chosen tariff plan. But there may be changes to your home life and with that, your usage habits may go up or down so this amount may change. These include:

  • A change in usage - if your usage has changed then your payment may need to be increased or decreased to match this.
  • A change of tariff - if your tariff has changed, the rates will be different and therefore your payments may need to increase or decrease to match these.
  • No meter readings - if we don't receive your meter readings, your bills are estimated. Your payments will need to match your bill so your monthly payments may need to be altered to reflect your against your bill. To make sure your bills and payments are always accurate, it's important to send us regular monthly meter readings.
  • You registered with a different usage - if the usage you registered with when you signed up is different to your actual usage, your payments may need to change to reflect this.

I can’t afford my new monthly amount

If you’re struggling to pay your new monthly payment amount, contact us online.

Why is my monthly amount being increased if I'm in credit?

As we use various factors to calculate your monthly payment, like industry data, the weather and meter readings, your predicted usage for the next 12 months could be higher than it is now. 

I want to make changes to my Direct Debit

If you’re not happy with your payment date or amount, you can make changes to your Direct Debit online.

If you prefer to pay for what you use every month, rather than a set amount, you can change to a variable Direct Debit. When paying by a variable Direct Debit make sure you submit your readings every month so your bills are accurate. Change to a variable Direct Debit here.

If you don’t want to do this online or you’re experiencing problems with your Direct Debit, contact us and we’ll help you to make the changes you need.