Your Personal Projection is the amount of energy you’re likely to use over the year. This calculation assumes that you’ll use the same energy as last year and doesn’t include any future debit or credit balance on your account.

How do you work out my Personal Projection?

We base your Personal Projection on your chosen tariff and size of home, also using energy usage information from your previous supplier, if it’s available. We work out your monthly Direct Debit in the same way, but this can change if your usage habits change, depending on how much your debit or credit balance is.

Any discounts you're eligible for will be taken from the Personal Projection amount, for example, if you receive your bills electronically you may get a yearly discount depending on your tariff. Your Personal Projection is also calculated according to your current payment method, depending on your tariff. Check your tariff information guide for more details.

I’m on a fixed-term tariff, why have you calculated my annual spend using rates for a variable tariff?

We’ve been working with Ofgem to make energy information easier to understand, so we’ve changed the way we calculate projected energy costs.

If your current tariff has an end date, we’ll automatically move you onto our cheapest variable tariff at the end of your fixed term. To help you make an informed decision about changing tariffs, energy suppliers and switching sites work out how much you are likely to spend on energy in the coming 12 months. We take into account the remaining time on your current tariff (at your current rate) and the rates for the tariff you'll be moving on to. This shows you the difference between what you would pay if you didn't change tariffs again, and what you'd pay by moving tariffs.