Don’t worry if your first bill is higher than you expected. This isn’t unusual. Your first bill will be slightly higher as it includes more than one month’s worth of charges.
The charges on your first bill are for broadband, call plans and call features from your service start date to the date of your first bill and charges for one month in advance for your broadband, call plans and call features. If you have a new line installation, this charge will also be on your first bill.
You'll receive this around 14 days after your broadband service has been activated. Bills typically include charges for:
  • Advanced monthly charges for broadband, call plans and optional features
  • Call charges for the previous bill period (for calls made outside of your call package) and a full breakdown of all calls made
  • One off charges such as engineer charges
  • Details of any payments made
  • Credits and adjustments
We've created a handy guide to your bill. Take a look here.
Take a look at our Price List for more information on the items of your bill.