If you’re having issues making or receiving calls, please follow these steps to resolve the problem.

Do you have a dial tone?

Make sure you have a dial tone on your phone. If the dial tone is interrupted or stuttered, it means you have a new voicemail message. This won’t affect your service and you can retrieve it by using your home phone’s voicemail.

If you have no dial tone, the line is crackly or are still experiencing problems, move onto the steps below.

Check your connections

Double check the wires going into the master socket, to ensure that these are not loose or damaged. If you use a micro-filter try swapping this for a spare, to see if this is causing the issue. 

Disconnect everything and test directly in the master socket

Most homes have a master socket where the telephone line enters your house. To find out whether the issue is being caused by something within your property, try disconnecting all other equipment and leave only your phone connected directly to the master socket.

Some types of master socket also have a test socket located underneath the faceplate. If you have one, we recommend testing your phone in this socket to see if the problem continues.

Try using another phone

Make sure none of your phones are off the hook, then test with a different phone altogether to see if you are still experiencing problems. It is best to check with a corded handset, but if you’re using a cordless phone make sure the batteries are fully charged.

Are you having problems dialling a specific number?

If there’s a specific number that you can’t connect to, please check the following:

  • If you are using a speed dial code, try dialling the full telephone number to see if this connects.
  • Is there a call bar on your line that may block calls to that number
  • Try dialling the number from a non-Shell Energy Broadband phone (such as a mobile). If the call connects, there may be an issue with the Shell Energy Broadband network. If this is the case, please contact us on phone or email, so we can run some tests and we’ll advise you on next steps


If you’re still having issues making or receiving calls, contact us and we’ll resolve the problem.