What does 100% renewable mean?

All the electricity is provided from 100% renewable sources such as wind farms, hydro or solar plants. This is backed by the Government’s Renewable Electricity Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificates which match every unit of electricity our customers consume with a unit of renewable energy generation in the UK. Our gas is currently a representative mix of the UK’s natural gas supply with 44% coming from UK production in the North Sea, 47% via pipelines from Europe and the remainder via tankers from the rest of the world. For every customer, we will make an ongoing annual investment into assured global schemes that address conservation and reforestation.

Does renewable energy go straight into my home?

All renewable electricity that is generated is connected to the grid, along with all the non-renewable electricity, and we all draw electricity from that same pool via the National Grid. The REGO certificate ensures that each unit of electricity withdrawn from the grid is matched by a unit of renewable energy put in.

Given that REGOs cost more, is your tariff going to be competitive?

We believe it is possible to offer a 100% renewable offer as standard, offer good value, competitive tariffs and still turn a fair profit thanks to a lean and efficient business model unencumbered by the legacy systems and process of others in the market.

Will you offer natural gas?

Unlike with renewable electricity, very little ‘bio’ or ‘green’ gas currently exists in Britain. Shell Energy will be supplying our home customers with natural gas for heating and cooking. Shell is actively investigating electric heating and alternative fuels, such as hydrogen, as part of the group’s New Energies business (a new business division created in 2016 to build experience in lower-carbon technology and explore new commercial models focused on the world's energy transition.)