When we send you a bill, we like to make sure it’s accurate. We’ve made it easy to submit your meter reading through your online account.

At the end of every month:

  • We email you an estimate of your usage and charges.
  • When you submit your meter reading, we use it to prepare an accurate bill based on the actual amount of energy you used.

How we validate your meter reading

Every reading we receive has to be validated by the industry against its records. (‘The industry’ refers to the energy industry, rather than individual suppliers.)

Sometimes the information you send us doesn’t match the information held by the industry. This prevents us from validating the reading, even if you’ve provided a ‘correct’ reading from your individual meter. If this happens, we have to send you an estimated bill.

What else do I need to know?

It’s important to submit an accurate reading on time using your online account:

  • If you submit it too late, we can’t bill you accurately. We have to estimate your usage for the latest billing period.
  • Carefully record a correct reading. For help, find out How to read your meter.
  • Enter the exact reading using your online account. We don’t want to charge you for energy you haven’t used, so submit readings regularly.