Before you can become a Shell Energy customer, we need to check your credit rating. This is also known as a credit score. We’re not the only energy supplier to do this – it’s common industry practice.

Why do you need to check my credit rating?

The credit rating check process confirms:

  • That you actually live at the property you’re hoping to switch to us
  • The previous addresses you may have occupied
  • That you are who you say you are
  • Your credit score

Your details are secure – we don’t keep such sensitive information about potential customers on record.

What if I don’t pass the credit check?

If, for any reason, you fail to pass, this doesn’t mean you can’t be our customer. It does mean that we’ll have to ask you for a security deposit before we can welcome you to Shell Energy.

Remember, if you’ve already applied to become a customer and we require a security deposit, we'll contact you.

Where can I learn more about credit ratings?

  • Access your individual credit report and read free advice about improving your credit rating by visiting:
  • Search the internet for ‘credit rating’. You’ll find lots of useful information about your credit rating status and hints on how to improve it.