Yes. To predict whether we’ll increase your payment amount, we calculate your energy usage up to your anniversary date using:

  • Meter readings
  • The weather
  • Industry data

In winter, customers typically use more energy than in the summer. For that reason, your account can be in credit and debt at different times during the year with a monthly Direct Debit payment plan.

Even if your account is currently in credit, reassessment for the entire 12-month period can still show that we need to increase your monthly payment amount. We do this to help you avoid facing a significant debt at the end of the period.

Is the amount I pay fixed for the whole year?

No, it’s not. We want to make sure that your payments accurately reflect the amount of energy you use over the year. We will review this amount regularly at least once a year (we generally start this 3 months after your registration with us) to help you avoid under or overpaying for your energy. 

If we discover that the payment amount needs updating, we’ll let you know as soon as we can about any changes to your Direct Debit. It’s also a good idea to regularly check your payments against your bill to make sure you’re paying the right amount.

Also keep in mind that it’s likely you’ll be in credit in summer. But remember, this will help to offset your energy costs through the winter.