When you made an application to switch to us, we’ll have asked you for your usage figures. Using this information we calculate your monthly payment amount. 

Every three months we review your payments, making sure it’s aligned with your usage. If we see that your usage is higher or lower, than expected, we’ll adjust your monthly payment amount to reflect this. 

This can happen if your account is in credit, for example… 

Your monthly payment to us is £50.00, it’s summer and you’re using £40.00 of energy a month, you’re also £30.00 in credit. In winter, it’s unlikely a £50.00 monthly payment and the £30.00 account credit will cover your usage. 

This is why monthly payments change, even when you’re in credit. As a responsible supplier, we set your payments at a level that will prevent your account running into debt, or a large credit.