When you choose to pay by monthly Direct Debit, we'll recommend a payment amount. We calculate this using your current tariff rates and what we already know about your energy use. 

If you’re new to Shell Energy, we will do this based on readings from your previous supplier and the figures you quote on your registration form.

As a responsible supplier, we aim to set your payments at a level that means you’re not paying too much, or too little (so a debt builds up on your account). Our goal is that by the anniversary of you setting up your Direct Debit, your account balance is zero - meaning you’ve only paid for the energy you’ve used.

This is why we regularly review your payment amount and make sure it matches how much energy you use. If we see you’re using more, or less, energy, or if your tariff has changed, we’ll adjust your monthly payment amount to reflect this. 

Even if you’re in credit, there are reasons why your monthly payment may still need to be increased:

  • The cost of energy has increased significantly, so the credit on your account isn’t enough to cover your energy use.
  • We’ve seen an increase in your energy use that alters our predictions for your future energy use
  • What we know about your energy use may be based on estimated meter readings
  • You might have moved from a fixed to a flexible tariff (SVT)
  • A monthly Direct Debit aims to even out the highs and lows of winter and summer energy use into a monthly payment. If summer is just ending, you should have built up credit towards energy use in winter months. But for any of the above reasons, that credit might not be enough to fully cover winter.


If we review your account and see that your credit balance would cover at least two months of your predicted energy use, we won’t increase your monthly Direct Debit amount. If you’d like to make any changes yourself you can do this in My Account.

You can use our Direct Debit tool to see how changing your monthly Direct Debit amount would affect your energy account balance. 

You can manage your Direct Debit anytime in My Account. You can also update your contact details, check your account balance, make one-off payments, and submit meter readings.