When you opt to pay by monthly Direct Debit we'll recommend a monthly amount based on how much energy we expect you to use, based on your previous data. If you are newly on supply this will be based on reads provided to your old supplier and the figures you quote on your registration form.

As a responsible supplier, we aim to set your payments at a level that will prevent your account running into debt, or a large credit. As such, every 3 to 12 months we review your payments, making sure it’s aligned with your usage. If we see that your usage is higher or lower, than expected, we’ll adjust your monthly payment amount to reflect this. 

This can still happen if your account is in credit, for example… 

Your monthly payment to us is £50.00, it’s summer and you’re using £40.00 of energy a month, you'll build a small credit amount. In winter, it’s unlikely a £50.00 monthly payment and the account credit you built up will cover your usage. 

Click here to find out what factors can affect your monthly payment amount.

If you have any concerns about your payment amount, you can log into your online account and view our payment calculator. If you still have questions you can contact us here.