Are smart meters safe?

The short answer is yes. All our smart meters are certified to strict security standards and are operated according to UK and EU safety regulations.


Find out more from Public Health England about the safety of smart meters.

How will you use the information from my smart meter? 

We use readings from your smart meter to:

  • Send you accurate bills
  • Calculate your monthly Direct Debit amount
  • Give you personalised energy use insights through My Energy
  • Send you quotes for our other tariffs
  • Regularly update your energy use graph so you can keep track of how much you’re spending
  • Help tailor your energy supply, a process known as energy settlement. Find out more about energy settlement and changes to your smart meter


How often do you collect a reading? 

We can collect your readings half hourly, daily, or monthly, to suit you. You can tell us how often you’d like us to collect your readings, either when we install the meter or afterwards.

The default setting is for daily readings, but if you reset it to half hourly, you’ll get more useful energy saving information.

Change how often we collect a reading

Is my data secure? 

Watch our video to find out more about how we use and store the data from your smart meter.

For more information about data security, see our privacy policy.

 Will you share my information with anybody? 

We never sell your information and will only share information about your energy use with:

  • Network operators – we work with them to supply your energy
  • Law enforcement agencies – to prevent fraud or help criminal investigations
  •  Opinion Matters – a research agency we work with to make sure we’re following industry regulations. They might contact you after your smart meter installation to ask you some questions about how it went. Your responses will be kept anonymous and they won’t share your information.
  • Energy settlement and appointed agents - this is the process of aligning the amount of energy bought by energy suppliers from generators/producers to the amount of energy sold to the customers. Regulatory requirements mean we’ll share your energy use data with our appointed data collection agent, to make sure our processes and data management are compliant with the codes we have to follow as a supplier. This data is also shared with regulatory bodies to give a central view of energy volume across the country. This point volume won’t be allocated on an individual customer level.