All of our Smart meters are certified to the strict security standards set out in our Supplier License and the Smart Energy Code (SEC), and are operated according to UK and EU safety regulations. Smart meters use secure mobile technology to send your reads to our systems, ensuring we have the most up-to-date information for accurate billing.

Have a look at Public Health England’s (PHE) website for more information about the safety of smart meters.

Gas meters:
These are powered by a battery that sits within the meter. The battery is designed to last over ten years before a replacement is required and when it is, the gas meter will alert our systems. When this happens, we will contact you to arrange an appointment to replace the battery.

Electricity meters:
These are powered directly from your electricity supply. In case of power failures, your smart meter will save your information (including your In Home Display information), so that it can be restored when the power is restored.