What’s a REGO certificate?

A REGO, or Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin scheme is there to provide complete transparency to customers about the proportion of electricity in the National Grid that is supplied by renewable sources.

How do they work?

Every time one megawatt hour (MWh) of renewable electricity is produced, a REGO certificate is issued by Ofgem to the generator of that electricity.

Household suppliers like us use these REGO certificates to provide an audit trail that matches the units of energy we buy with those from a renewable generator.

The number of REGO certificates that are available match the exact amount of renewable electricity that is produced and is put into the National Grid.

How do REGOs benefit customers?

REGOs are the best way to ensure that the energy you consume in your home is matched to a renewable generator.

This helps you track your carbon footprint and enable you to play a role in supporting the transition to a low carbon energy future.

The future of REGOs

With nearly 60% of consumers wanting to power their homes with renewable electricity, it is likely that the demand for renewable electricity will increase.

As there are a limited amount of REGOs available – because they are based on the amount of electricity generated from renewable sources –  the growing demand for renewable electricity will in turn drive the production of more REGOs, and that means more renewable generation in the UK’s energy mix.