What’s an exit fee?

Exit fees are a bit like cancellation fees. If you’re on a fixed-term tariff with us, and you want to switch energy supplier or change tariff more than 49 days before your current tariff comes to an end, then you may be charged a fee to do so.

Why do we charge them?

Think of the energy you use on a fixed tariff as being bought up front. When you sign up, your energy is secured for the length of your tariff and this helps us to offer you our best prices. 

However, because we’ve made a purchase at that point, an exit fee allows us to cover the costs of things like the administration of your account, or selling the energy we bought so it goes back to the market. When your contract is up or nearing its end, there’s no need to cover any costs, so you won’t be charged any exit fees and you’re free to pick any tariff that’s best for you at that point.

If you do decide to leave, we’ll tell you what your exit fee is. After that you’ll have a 14 day cooling-off period in case you change your mind. If you decide not to leave, you won’t be charged the exit fee.

When would we charge an exit fee?

There are three common instances where we would charge an exit fee: 

  • You switch to another supplier more than 49 days before the end of your fixed tariff
  • You switch to a shorter Shell Energy tariff more than 49 days before the end of your tariff
  • You move to a new home more than 49 days before the end of your tariff and decide not to take your tariff with you 

But remember, if you’re in the last 49 days of your fixed-term contract, you don’t have to pay an exit fee and have the right to freely switch to any other tariff without being charged. 

And if you decide to upgrade to one of our long term fixed tariffs, then we’ll waive your exit fee.

Exit fees and moving home

If you move home, it’s easy to take your current tariff with you, and in this instance we wouldn’t charge you an exit fee. You can read our most frequently asked questions on moving home here.

If you move home and don’t take your tariff with you within 30 days, then we’ll charge you an exit fee. Once you’ve let us know that you’ve moved, we’ll inform you of any exit fees that have been applied.

If you decide to rejoin us at your new property within 30 days on the same tariff, your exit fee will be waived. Just be aware that you’ll need to contact us to do that rather than registering online. If the tariff is no longer available, you can sign up to one of our other tariffs.

How much do we charge?

The amount we charge for exit fees varies depending on the fixed-term tariff that you’re on. We also charge an exit fee per fuel, so if you’re a dual fuel customer then you would have to pay exit fees for both gas and electricity. 

How to pay an exit fee

There are a few ways to pay an exit fee:

  • If you pay by fixed Direct Debit you can choose to let us incorporate the exit fee into your monthly payments at your next payment review, or you can pay the charge as a one-off payment.
  • If you pay by variable Direct Debit or by any other payment method, the exit fee will be applied to your next bill.
  • You can choose to make a one off payment either via your online account (select ‘make a payment’) or by calling us on 0330 094 5800.