When we installed your smart meter, we would have provided you with a smart meter user guide. The user guide gives you an overview of your smart meter, in-home display, and more. You can find a copy of our user guide here.


Reading your smart electricity meter

  • Locate the reading menu by pressing button B until you see ‘Total…’ or ‘TOU...’ displayed.
  • This means that you’re in the ‘Reads’ menu. Now press button A to scroll through the ‘Reads’ menu. You’ll see options called ‘Total Active Import kWh’, ‘Total Active Export kWh’ and ‘TOU Rate 1’.
  • The meter reading that’s used for your billing is TOU Rate 1 for single-rate tariffs, and both TOU Rate 1 and TOU Rate 2 for two-rate tariffs.

Read your smart gas meter

  • Press any button to wake up the display or navigate to the default display.
  • The gas meter reading is displayed as ‘V’ (for volume). This is shown in cubic meters (m3). Ignore the decimal places. 


 Unsure if this the same as the meter in your property? Click here to identify your smart meter.