When we installed your smart meter, we would have given you a smart meter user guide, which you may find useful. 

Electricity meter

You might need to wake up the display by pressing any button. 

Press ‘B’ until you see ‘Total…’ or ‘TOU...’ displayed.

If you’re on a single-rate tariff, press ‘A’ until you see ‘TOU Rate 1’. This is your reading.

If you’re on a multi-rate tariff, press ‘A’ until you see:

  • ‘TOU Rate 1’ – this is your reading for rate 1 (also called the low, or night, rate)
  • ‘TOU Rate 2’ – this is your reading for rate 2 (the normal, or day, rate)


Gas meter

Press any button to wake up the display.

You’ll see your gas meter reading as ‘V’ (for volume). The figure is shown in cubic meters (m3). You can ignore any numbers after the decimal point (full stop).

Please get in touch to submit your readings. You won’t be able to submit these in your online account.