Can I install Philips Hue myself?

Yes, you’ll be able to install the starter pack without an engineer. You can find tips on how to install your lighting by visiting

How do I control Philips Hue lights?

You can control Philips Hue lights multiple ways. How you control your lights depends on whether you have a Hue Bridge.

  • Without a Hue Bridge

Certain Philips Hue lamps and light fixtures come with a dimmer switch, which can be used to activate your lights, as well as dim and brighten, and cycle through four preset light scenes (if purchased with a White ambiance bulb). If your lamp did not come with a dimmer switch, you can only switch your light on and off.

  • With a Hue Bridge

If you pair your lights with a Hue Bridge, you can operate all your lights within the Hue app. Simply pair your Hue Bridge with the Hue app, and start creating smart light routines, setting up smart accessories, syncing lights with your entertainment, and accessing your lights away from home.

What will I get in my Philips Hue Mini Starter kit?

The Philips Hue Mini Starter Kit (B22) includes two smart and energy-efficient LED bulbs, and the Hue Bridge.

I'm moving home, can I take my Philips Hue Lighting with me?

You can transfer your Philips Hue Lighting to your new home when you move. However, Shell Energy accepts no responsibility for any costs you may incur in doing so.

My Philips Hue isn't working

There are plenty of useful articles on, or you can call the Philips Support Team on 00800 7445 4775

Does the Philips Hue Mini Starter Kit fit for all light fittings?

The Philips Hue Mini Starter Kit is only available with a bayonet fitting (B22), but you can use adapters for other fittings.